Day 1 of How I Spent My Day

Day 1

For many years I had worked in a building that produced some very interesting reflections early in the morning. These were easier to see in the winter because early in the morning for the sun comes later in the morning but they were present on almost every sunny morning. When the sun is rising it reflects off the mirror like windows of this building onto the adjacent concrete parking deck. These reflections were in the shape of an X but they took many shapes based on which of the building windows was reflecting a particular X. To make this scene more interesting and strange, the parking deck also had bush like trees in several layers of the outside wall of the parking deck. But it was never interesting enough to make an interesting photograph until I realized on the morning of November 10, 2010 that I could point the camera into the building windows to create a second reflection and an interesting picture.

For some time I had been considering the benefits of a "photograph a day" project to motivate me to photograph more.

So when this picture became interesting on November 10 I decided to start the daily project I call "How I Spent My Day."

The idea is to email at least one photograph every day. The photograph must have been taken during that day. I intentionally keep to a minimum the comments I make in those daily emails to emphasize the photographs and reduce the time recipients have to spend on each email. This Blog is to tell more for those who are interested in knowing more.

Here is the Day 1 photograph:

  • Day12.jpg